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Q. Can you change something after our film has been archived to DVD?

A. Once the Master DVD has been archived then the footage is not on the decks. It would mean a re-edit from scratch. Working from archived tape or DVD would mean your backing track would be 'chopped up' if we moved parts of the film around or deleted sections.

Q. Sales Presentations / Promotions

A. You can increase sales backed up by more effective Sales Presentations than your competitors. Film provides a powerful Point of Purchase incentive.

Q. Events & Performances

A. Bring sales, sponsors and investment to your future events with a DVD (or web clip) demonstrating the success of your last event.

Q. Testimonials

A. Video testimonials from satisfied clients on DVD or web clips are proving invaluable marketing tools. Your sales staff will be to be able to ‘take’ these clients to every appointment and presentation for maximum impact.

Q. Lead Generation

A. Prospects are much more likely to request a free DVD than a company brochure, especially if it contains useful information.

Q. Lead Follow-up

A. When a prospect shows interest send them a DVD to close the deal.

Q. Create your own Shopping Channel on DVD or On-line

A. Demonstrate your key products and increase sales with your own DVD or on-line shopping channel. Include a Shopping Channel DVD with your product catalogue or send one out with every product?

Q. Product Instruction/Training

A. A DVD is a far more impressive and effective way to show how your products operate than a printed manual. Help your customers get the most out of your products and the rewards will be even more sales to existing satisfied customers and less time spent on customer service follow-ups.

Q. DVD Catalogues

A. Bring your products to life with demonstrations, commercials and infomercials. You could even use a well-known celebrity or voiceover artist.

Q. DVD Brochures and Prospectuses

A. DVDs in bulk quantities cost very little. Presented in a DVD case with a full colour insert and cellophane wrapped, they will be more cost effective than your brochure but with 10 times the impact!

Q. DVD Business Cards

A. Beat your competitors by giving away Business card shaped DVDs (350MB - 10 mins of DVD quality video) or CDs (50MB - 4 mins of video.) Your card will contain everything they could need to know about your company and your products.

Q. Retail your DVDs

A. Create additional product sales by producing DVDs that are relevant to your own business whilst being of interest to your clients.

Q. Direct Mail

A. DVD can be duplicated at very low cost in bulk quantities. Using new slim-line packaging they are also very cost effective to post and make a powerful direct mail campaign.

Q. Exhibition Loops & Giveaways

A. Attract people to your exhibition stand with moving images on screen and keep them entertained with a DVD playing on loop. You could then follow up by presenting them with a DVD, mini DVD or other appealing digital gift to your products.

Q. Commercials and infomercials

A. Create very low cost commercials and take advantage of the low cost deals available on digital TV channels. Use the same advert in-store or at exhibitions and trade shows to see prospects gravitate to your stand.

Q. Video Emails

A. Impress your prospects and clients by sending short video clips that play instantly when email is opened. We believe this will be a key area of growth within companies staying ahead with technology.

Q. Newsletter DVDs and On-line News Channels

A. Keep staff and clients up to date with your own DVD or on-line News Channel – ideal for companies with branches at some distance. Meetings and seminars can be streamed on line so no-one misses out on important information.

Q. Staff Induction

A. Save on human resources, cut repetitive induction sessions and ensure new staff understand Health & Safety regulations. Give all new employees a DVD to learn at their own pace: cut training costs but with higher impact. (This is easy and inexpensive to update.)

Q. Staff Education & Training

A. In-house training can be delivered perfectly every time without tying up your human resources and without interfering with your work production: very cost effective!

Q. Reception Style Makeover

A. Entertain and impress clients and suppliers while they are waiting in reception, whilst increasing sales.

Q. Enhance your website

A. Webclips will enhance your website dramatically. Show video clips of products, events and testimonials etc to give your web site the ultimate buzz factor. Not long ago companies hesitated (and lost out financially) over using websites and even email. With increased competition at every turn, rising printing and publication prices and increased pressure to make your company and products memorable - Can you afford not to use video in your company today?

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