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The 2nd biggest Search Engine in the world!

Is your website taking advantage of it?

Man Utd with FA Cup for DHL event

3 February 2012

While most companies concentrate on making their website and blog posts Google friendly don’t forget the 2nd largest search engine with over 4 BILLION - with a B - hits a day! What is it? YouTube.

And if you’re worried that you can’t afford Spielberg to direct or you really don’t want to do the embarrassing DIY bit then why not contact us for a quote. Every project is priced individually but we have special offers on at the moment and for between £500-£1000 you could enrich your website with a video online complete with search optimisation (VSEO) ready for Search Engines.

FACT - the average browser reads for 8 seconds before moving on.

FACT - they watch a video for 90 seconds.

WONDERING WHAT YOU WOULD HAVE FILMED? - products explained, testimonial (much more effective and believable than written words, meet the team and even Christmas, New Year or other holiday greeting videos to clients.

BE ONE OF THE JONES’S - instead of trying to keep up with them when they’ve stolen a march on you!

Contact us on 01827-373120 or email us for more information.

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